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Solutions For Health, Industrial, Manufacturing and Business Engineered with trust, integrity, and Skill.

Solar Tracking System

We want to build your great idea and help you deliver it to market.
One recent example is a tracking system we designed for focusing sunlight onto solar panels. This concept is for containerized data centers.

Get Your System or Product Designed

IoT Data Collection

Transform your business data into something even more valuable for your business.
Logistics, Manufacturing, Machines, Automation, Integration and Vehicle Systems. We have designed and built IoT systems for these and many more implementations and purposes.

Make Your Business Smart

Data Management

Helping the biggest industry reduce their carbon footprint, profitably & with integrity.

Xion designed an oil & gas data collector, an oil & gas data management system and understands the landscape of related products which can reduce waste, cost, and impact.

Get Your Data Working For You

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A Complete Service Provider

We design, build and market your product from start to finish.

We serve long term clients by building lasting relationships rather than one shot deals.
Select the options below that you need to find out more:

We serve our clients by hourly and retained engagements as your CTO, product developer, enterprise architect, or development team.

Our value proposition is to be your trusted resource and extension to your business for the long haul.

We can deliver top talent at competitive pricing.

The best developers are referred and identified by other developers. The IT space has many developers who can talk the talk, but can they deliver A-grade work product?
We have a massive network of junior and senior USA-based talent to bring your organization and product to the next level and increase the value of your products and business.

Do you need great USA-based junior and senior talent, architects, and developers?

We have superior vetting capabilities and lean management systems for delivering top value and excellence.

We've been in business since 2007 with decades of combined experiences serving small, mid and large cap companies, and likely have a deep understanding of your business and industry. We also understand the kind of technology you need to grow your business.

Xion is comprised of entrepreneurs who know how to make great technology to scale in and even disrupt your industry.

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Whether you are looking for a partner to design and launch a product or build and meet challenges post-release we have the experience to guide and assist you effectively.

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